Signature Collection

There is a reason why they are so good. It is because we make them that way.

Camel Milk

A delicacy in this part of the world;
our camel milk white chocolate ganache in a milk
chocolate blanket is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


Let our delicate cardamom infusion
in luscious milk chocolate take you into the
aromatic world of a Middle-Eastern home-kitchen.


Freshly ground dates wrapped in sublime
milk chocolate give this praline
a distinctively memorable quality.


Combine indulgence with comfort with
our ginger infused ganache enrobed in sensuous
milk chocolate that hits the spot as an after-meal treat.

Honey Saffron

A soothing infusion of honey
and saffron wrapped in delicious milk
chocolate to invigorate the senses.

Mint Tea

Let the comforting blend of Moroccan mint
tea infused ganache and milk chocolate take
you on a journey through the streets of Marrakech.


Our creamy ganache infused with
festive nutmeg is bound to be the perfect
pick-me-up on a not so perfect day.

Omani Sweet

Traditional Omani Halwa with all
its sweet goodness enrobed in a smooth
milk chocolate covering.


Enchant yourself with our layered cherry
and white chocolate ganache
enrobed in rich dark chocolate.

Himalyan Salt

Experience the subtle infusion of
Himalayan salt while you let the flavors
unravel as you bite into this delicious dark praline.


If sweet is not for you, why not try
our dark chocolate praline encasing
a tart raspberry filling.

Tonka Beans

The divine vanilla like flavor of
a Tonka Bean filling wrapped in dark
chocolate is ideal for the not-so-adventurous chocoholic.


Relish the sweetness of chocolate
ganache infused with Valencia orange wrapped in
a blanket of dark chocolate.

Red Hot

Unleash the daring side of you
by trying our unusually well matched creation of
chili pepper infused dark chocolate.


Look no further than our coffee
infused milk chocolate praline guaranteed
to perk up your day.


Delight in a classic favorite while
you take a bite of this milk chocolate praline
sheltering a center of smooth hazelnut paste.


Unearth the sweet flavor of pistachio
in a milk chocolate covering while you enjoy
one of our pistachio pralines.

Passion Fruit

Delicious and aromatic, savour a delightful
passion fruit centre enveloped in a
silky milk chocolate.


Milk chocolate and strawberry
is the ideal combination to release
the romantic in you.


Look no further than our coffee
infused milk chocolate praline
guaranteed to perk up your day.


As far as fruit and chocolate go,
a combination of a banana pulp center enclosed in
milk chocolate translates to one word – heaven.

Ciaculli Mandarin

Let summer freshness explode on your
palate when you take a bite of our white
chocolate covering a center of fresh Ciaculli Mandarin pulp.


Taste purity with our ethereal
pure 33% white chocolate


Experience a tangy treat with our lime
and white chocolate ganache covered
in smooth white chocolate.


For a little cheat day morning, try
our Arabica coffee infused ganache covered
in dark chocolate.


Salt and caramel come together
in a luscious casing of milk chocolate taking
you on a rich journey of flavor.


Pamper your taste buds
with this delicious dark chocolate truffle
enclosing a cherry infused ganache.

Dark Truffle

A dark indulgence enveloping
a vanilla infused creamy chocolate
ganache to complement the flavors.


Bite into this white chocolate
casing to indulge in an irresistible white
chocolate ganache –an experience of pure bliss.


What could be better than a pure
creamy milk chocolate ganache encased in a
shell of more delicious milk chocolate.


A deliciously flavored peanut
truffle wrapped in milky goodness to serve as a
perfect accompaniment to a mid-day coffee.


Hazelnut ganache encased in milk
chocolate and covered in sesame seeds


An earthy pistachio ganache enrobed
in silky white chocolate awaits you
in this chocolate delight.


A classic favorite comes to life in
this hazelnut filled ganache blanketed
in delicious milk chocolate.


Decadent like the delicacy it's named after,
this biscuit ganache filled milk chocolate truffle is going
to bring a certain joy like never before.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit filling
truffle in a milk chocolate shell.

Speculoos with dark chocolate

Speculoos and the combination
of dark chocolate makes this piece a must have.

Roasted almonds with milk chocolate

Simplicity at its best with our
classic milk chocolate and almond combination.

Milk chocolate with hazelnut

The hazelnut in this chocolate brings out a very
aesthetic balance that is sure to please any taste bud

Apricot in milk chocolate

This modern twist of fruit
infused in our milk chocolate brings out a unique flavour


An italian classic with
the Noble Chocolatier twist


A feast to your eyes and to your,
stomach this is a must have.

Date, Marzipan & Dark Chocolate

A uniquely and delicately crafted
masterpiece that is sure to leave you in awe

Date & Marzipan Pistachio

A combination maade in heaven. The pistachion
and date really elevates your experience.

Hazelnut Cup

We have no words to describe
this piece except for Mmm....

Halawa & Pistachio Cup

A Noble twist to classic
Halawa and pistachio combination.