feel with all your senses

Chocolate is a
way of life

Great chocolates & finest ingredients

Each chocolate that is produced daily in our atelier is enhanced
with taste and quality that comes from an infallible recipe of professional experience mixed with
the desire to create the feeling of seductive indulgence for those who taste it.


unique pairings

a new wave of creating masterpiece

Using the finest ingredients, the wide variety of chocolates will take the customer on a journey through fruits, spices, flowers and Arabic flavours into a world of Pralines, Truffles, Cremino, Foglio and Gourmandises.

we craft and manufacture in UAE

we create Experiences

Authenticity in every bite

Our team of skillful and passionate confisseurs work tirelessly to handcraft our chocolates, using the highest quality of the chocolate havens of Europe.

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preservation of flavour & aroma

Thus we roast our chocolates at a lower temperature, between 45 and 60 degrees, and in a vacuum environment. This is why it takes hours – and this makes the difference.

we always value a good feedback

delivering luxury

In every box and piece we sell

We create an experience that’s a level above what you anticipate when you walk into a Noble Chocolatier store

Attention to

At ‘The Noble Chocolatier’ we believe in creating the ‘food of royalty’. Our journey to create the finest chocolates begins with our search of the best cacao beans from the equatorial plains of Africa to the deep-rooted forests of South America.

A Noble Chocolatier Delicately hand-crafted to evoke sensational experiences, our chocolates transport you from the royal courts of European aristocracy that inspired the exquisite delights we enjoy today, to the romantic cafes of France and Italy where chocolate andcoffee are quite simply ‘a marriage made in heaven’.

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