more than worth living

Imagine rows and rows of best friends,
lining up all the way to the horizon.

As one observes the seasons playing with the trees one cannot stop thinking if it is not vice versa: the trees have been here since forever, always dressed smartly, playing with the seasons. And the produce they bear is not a pay-off, it is a gift. You can call us tree huggers if you like, because that is what we actually are.

Chocolate is a way of life.
So it is about the chocolate, right?

At ‘The Noble Chocolatier‘, we maintain the chocolate connoisseur’s basic belief; great chocolates can be produced using only the finest ingredients. With this in mind, our team of skillful and passionate confisseurs work tirelessly to handcraft our chocolates, using the highest quality of the chocolate havens of Europe.

Our Chocolates

Each chocolate that is produced daily in our atelier is enhanced with taste and quality that comes from an infallible recipe of professional experience mixed with the desire to create the feeling of seductive indulgence for those who taste it. 


Nothing but nature. Half of the cacoa in our chocolate is still wild: yes, we go into the deep forests and pick them. One taste and you will know who taste it. 


We want to preserve all of the aroma and goodness of the chocolate, thus we cook our chocolates at a lower temperature, between 45 and 60 degrees, and in a vacuum environment. This is why it takes hours –  and this makes the difference.